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servicing sponsors

Captimax Sports Media Ltd has developed a system that:

• Enhances the measurable value for sponsors in sports events
• Uses a proprietary technology called Navicam™
• Provides most value in high-speed televised sports (cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes, skiers, etc)
• Redistributes the revenues throughout the value-chain promoters/participants/broadcasters
• Can be financed from a share of the sponsorship value-add



Captimax Sports Media Ltd was incorporated in 2001 in the UK and since 2008 operates out of Göteborg, Sweden. It owns the intellectual property rights to the Navicam™ technology. Members of the engineering team that originally developed the technology remain available to Captimax as independent consultants. The company is headed by Mario Hytten, whose experience of the sports sponsorship industry led him to develop a business model that benefits the entire value-chain of a sports property.

Captimax has an exclusive contract with Planetaire AB to use Navicam™ in the TV production of its projected aerial speed competitions, the Skyrace World Cup.


Captimax is actively seeking other forms of collaboration with operators within the sports industry.

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