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Mario Hytten collects 1st prize in the AI category

making a splash at SMASH

Swedish pioneering AI Navicam™ technology










Published on: November 29, 2017 by Peta Milan Category: Internal NewsNewsPress Release Comment

Helsinki – 29th November 2017 – SMASH sports & tech event.

Swedish company CAPTIMAX – with its unique robotic camera technology, Navicam™ won the AI category at this years SMASH sports & tech event in Finland.

The unique technology enables tracking targets (vehicles or athletes) ensuring that the movement of the camera is perfectly synchronised with the movement of the object it is filming.


Navicam™ technology is also used in the spectacular new start-up venture: Skyrace! Open to investors in the coming months. Skyrace is a partnership of Planetaire and Transcendent Media Capital launching the worlds first environmentally friendly sport & e-sport competition and an international World Cup. 

The Navicam™ technology attached to the gliders of Skyrace, each glider knowing where the other one is, in order to film the race from the air without helicopters; all in a seamless, captivating spectacle of what will be – the fastest race on earth.

The AI category win at the SMASH event was enthusiastically received by CEO of Captimax & Planetaire: Mario Hytten, former professional racing driver and visionary entrepreneur.

The prize for winning the SMASH competition is a one-week road-show to potential technical partners and venture capital houses in Silicon Valley in March 2018, with the endorsement and support of Nordic Innovation House.

For additional information on Captimax and Skyrace contact peta@transcendent-media

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