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Managing Director and main shareholder

mario hytten

Managing Director, Swedish national. Over a 35-year career in sports sponsorship, Mario has worked in several motor-racing categories (including Formula 1), managed racing drivers, promoted events with Magic Johnson in basketball, the Powerboat P1 World Championship and the FAI World Championship of Grand Prix Gliding. He also heads Planateire AB which is developing the concept for the Skyrace World Cup, for which TV coverage would be impossible without Navicam™.


The core team that invented the technology and developed the business model remain committed to launching Navicam™ commercially.

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Consultant Engineer

karl osen

A Norwegian national, the inventor of the Navicam™ technology and inspiration behind the Skyrace concept. Development of software for exotic aircraft including Solar Impulse and the Antares SR glider - avionics and embedded software development - aviation business development. CTO of  Panoptic LLC, which is marketing a omni-directional, 3D, multi-sensor camera system developed by a team at the EPFL University in Lausanne.

Anthony-McQuiggan - Copy.jpg

Technical consultant

anthony mcquiggan

British national; led a the proof-of-concept programme with the prototype of the Navicam™ system. Anthony has almost 40 years experience in the avionics, broadcast and film industries. He is well respected in the industry for inventing, designing and operating many specialised filming platforms including helicopter and airship mounted cameras with market leaders such as Flying Pictures and FLIR Systems. He also worked for the International Sportsworld Communicators (ISC), owners of the rights to the World Rally Championship.

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