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revenue share

The deployment of Navicam™ therefore enables an incremental source of revenue for sports properties, attracting another type of advertiser than typical sports sponsors. Captimax's revenue-share model ensures that the resulting value benefits all stakeholders in the event. In the more valuable properties, the model works with Navicam™ enhanced footage being integrated in as little as 15% of the main broadcast.


barter payment

All the extra value created remains in the sport, no monetary payment is required. The owner of the sponsorable areas (usually a team or the athlete himself) trades a secondary space (approx 5%, illustrated by 'Canon ' in this image) in exchange for boosting the value of the remaining 95% reserved for his own sponsors.



Some of the Navicam™ software's functionalities can be assigned to creating incremental value for sponsors. This comes in the form of additional visibility in the broadcast. This is objectively measurable and can therefore be assigned a monetary value and sold to sponsors seeking mainly brand exposure on TV, with less emphasis on the association rights with individual competitors.


Captimax has developed a sophisticated business model the cost of implementing Navicam™ is covered by sponsorship without impacting production costs for the promoter, the TV production or the broadcaster.



The competing teams will themselves benefit from the increased visibility, under one of two models:

  • Individual teams voluntarily trading secondary identification on their vehicle in exchange for being Navicam™ enabled, to provide additional exposure to its own sponsors*

  • The promoter's terms of participation requiring secondary identification for an event sponsor on each participating vehicle, with the consequence that all vehicles will be Navicam™ enabled


*Captimax can document a successful test of these terms in relation to a major international event.

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